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Hi all. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my music.  

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"Her voice sings to you; even on a recording meant for thousands of listeners, each song, each lyric is presented in a voice that is deeply intimate.  In this album, Haines demonstrates her precious talent of making you feel like you are the only one in the room with her and she is holding her beautiful heart out you." -- Patrick O'Heffernan, IndiePulse Music

"...she introduces divine moments of the orchestration she’s so adept at arranging and performing. 'Break My Heart' isn’t nearly as timid as it tricked us into believing. It’s grand and lush... delivering a song that’s vulnerable in both small and big ways." -- Savannah Davanzano, The Music Mermaid

"...[Sarah]'s at her best when she's defiant. 'Let Me Down' should be a mantra for every fierce woman determined to walk away from a broken heart." -- Mandy Southgate, Addicted to Media

"‘Losing Game’ is beautifully and selectively analyzed by Sarah’s earthy vocals to fabulous perfection. Her vocals express, without really expressing – caressing, with just a glimpse." -- comeherefloyd

Check out this Ambient string and vocal EP that I put out as a Bandcamp Exclusive in March of 2020 as well!

I'm very excited to announce that a second album is in the works for release later on in 2021.  Stay tuned for more info, and sign up for my mailing list or Join my Patreon to hear about it first!

Here's a playlist of songs that feature string arrangements I've written:


Emanuel and the Fear is  releasing a new album this year.  Check out our last record below. 

Bellehouse released our debut record in early 2017

I am always open to new and interesting collaborations! Feel free to drop me a line anytime and find me on social media so we can find ways to work together.

Check out Contemporaneous' full website here!

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In the Morning OFFICIAL Music Video
II. Nocturne -- Viola Concerto, Michael Boyman
Let's Try That Again (LIVE) at Boscoe Barles Center for the Performing Arts
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SEH by John Carluccio

Sarah Elizabeth Haines is a lot of things.  A New York City-based violist, violinist, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and performer, most recently playing violin and viola for the national tour of Hamilton,  music has brought her around the world--from playing chamber music in China, with orchestras and rock bands in South America and Europe, and to most of the continental US with various theatre productions.

Pretending to Sleep, her first solo record of original music was released November 8th, 2019.  Her second album Castaway, fuller and more rock-oriented, is set for release February 25th, 2022.  


Other bands she performs with include the contemporary classical ensemble Contemporaneous, with whom she most recently recorded Gemma Peacocke's "Strobe Lights and Blown Speakers", a concerto for viola and chamber ensemble.   She has been a member of orchestral rock band Emanuel and the Fear since 2013, as well as co-bandleader with Jess Clinton and Mackenzie Shivers of Americana-folk band Bellehouse, and played as a member of the house band for Unisex Salon with Kenyon Phillips at Joe's Pub. She has written string arrangements for these bands and other friends and singer songwriters over the years.  Sarah made her solo debut with the Chelsea Symphony premiering Michael Boyman's Viola Concerto in 2017. 


Sarah has also toured with Les Miserables, and Todd Almond’s Kansas City Choir Boy with Courtney Love.  Other theatre credits include Jagged Little Pill (sub, viola), Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (sub, viola), Beardo (Violin), Iow@ (Viola), and Hadestown (2014 workshop, Fate/viola). 

Photo By: John Carluccio








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